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Come relax and unwind on the farm

The Cannamom Retreat

Comfy Beds Bend & Blaze Yoga Farm-to-Table Meals River Float Trip Pelvic Floor Pilates Sound Bath CBD Self Care Massages Infused Juicing Support and Inspiration Ganjier-Led Tasting Ceremony and Much More Comfy Beds Bend & Blaze Yoga Farm-to-Table Meals River Float Trip Pelvic Floor Pilates Sound Bath CBD Self Care Massages Infused Juicing Support and Inspiration Ganjier-Led Tasting Ceremony and Much More Comfy Beds Bend & Blaze Yoga Farm-to-Table Meals River Float Trip Pelvic Floor Pilates Sound Bath CBD Self Care Massages Infused Juicing Support and Inspiration Ganjier-Led Tasting Ceremony and Much More Comfy Beds Bend & Blaze Yoga Farm -to-Table Meals River Float Trip Pelvic Floor Pilates Sound Bath CBD Self Care Massages Infused Juicing Support and Inspiration Ganjier-Led Tasting Ceremony and Much More

Being a mom is HARD!

It requires patience, presence, tremendous mental, emotional and physical resilience and the ability to set our own needs and desires aside while we raise good humans.

Flower helps! But not every mom has a community around her that accepts and understands her choice to go green and to support her motherhood journey.

And even if you do have a great cannamom community at home, sometimes you just need to get away and remember who you are without your kids.

And that’s why we created the Cannamom Retreat.

    Come relax and unwind on the farm.

    Let us cook for you and clean up after you. Enjoy great company and great flower. Sleep in your luxurious bed and arise to bend and blaze yoga while your delicious breakfast magically appears, cooked and ready right after class.

    Have a river adventure with lots of time to just breathe in the silence and feel the flow taking you right to where you want to be, with just the right amount of exciting rapids.

    Enjoy a sound bath under the milky way, CBD self care massages and facials, time to reflect and collect yourself, pelvic floor pilates, and tons of support for wherever you are at on your journey. All in sisterhood with our favorite plant.

    So, get that childcare lined up! This retreat is just for you.

    You can reserve a single occupancy tent all to yourself, or bring your cannamom bestie and share a double occupancy tent with her!

    Tight on funds? There is a lower-priced option if you would like to bring your own tent to set up. There are also a few work trade options if you have cooking, cleaning or photography skills. Contact us to inquire.

    Your Cannamom Guides

    Judi Nelson

    Judi Nelson is the co-owner of Sol Spirit Farm and Retreats with her husband Walter, and loves sharing true emerald triangle culture and sustainable living strategies with guests. She is also a physical therapist with more than 25 years of experience treating chronic pain and women’ health issues. It is her calling to help women feel good in their bodies. As the mom of a teenager growing up in the Emerald Triangle she sees flower as a tool for compassion, connection, stress relief, and recognizes how normalization of flower use among moms can free women up to live their highest purpose and allow our kids to thrive.

    Chiah Rodriques

    Chiah Rodriques is a second-generation farmer, daughter of the industry and community organizer. She was born and raised in Mendocino County where flower is a huge part of life and the economy. Chiah and husband, James Beatty, own River Txai Farms, where they breed unique strains for their brand Arcanna Flowers, rounding out their 23rd gardening season on their homestead. Arcanna flowers can be found all over California. Chiah Rodriques is a co-founder of Mendocino Generations, a farm Alliance of over 50 Heritage farmers from all corners of Mendocino County. Its mission is to help give voice, guidance and a support system to craft farmers. Her dedication to small farmers has become the focus of her mission in all the projects she is involved in.

    Chiah is one of six women in the industry featured in the up-and-coming film Lady Buds, produced by Chris J. Russo. The film has followed her life intimately since 2016 through the trials and tribulations of the journey into legalization. It highlights her family’s farm and the farm alliance, showing the raw intensity of becoming a legally operating farm. Her newly launched line of hemp-derived CBDA self-care products, Chaos Naturae is now being launched. Chaos Naturae is a divine herbal spa line focussing on women’s health and pain relief alternatives. It is available online from anywhere in the world. Chiah offers classes and consulting around infused juicing, self-care and health and nutrition to private groups and clients. Besides being fully immersed in flower, Chiah also enjoys herbalism, traveling, her boutique and being a jeweler and maker.

    Eliza Maroney

    Eliza Maroney is an acclaimed certified yoga instructor, sound meditation facilitator, and intuitive life coach. With mentions in Forbes, PopSugar, Playboy, and Women & W**d Magazine, she is a force with the flower and conscious communities, setting herself apart with teachings in tantra and sacred femininity. She hosts domestic and international Goddess Retreats, has taught at Glowing Goddess Getaways, Symbiosis, LA Magazine Events, and is the Founder of The Convergence Retreats and Lucky Box Club.

    Cannamom FAQs

    Do I have to be a mom?

    Yes, this retreat is just for Moms of humans. We focus a lot on the challenges of parenting and the role flower plays in mothering. Anyone who identifies as female and is a parent is welcome and encouraged to attend. If you are not a mom of a human but would love to experience the offerings on this retreat, check out the Emerald Triangle Revealed Tour, our glamping vacations, or you could even plan a retreat similar to this for your group of friends!

    Can I bring my kids?

    No, this retreat is for moms to have some time on their own, away from their families. While we hope one day to allow people over 21 to visit the farm, currently the laws are pretty restrictive on this, so get your child care lined up and come remember what it’s like to have time for yourself.

    I want to share my tent with someone so the cost is lower, but I don’t have a friend coming with me, can you find me a tent mate?

    We can certainly try. You can book the double occupancy rate and request a tent mate connection. If we are unable to find someone who would also like a tent mate, you will be upgraded to a single occupancy and will need to pay the single occupancy rate.

    I have special dietary needs, can you accommodate?

    Absolutely, our chef has an amazing ability to deal with all kinds of different diets. All of the food we serve is organic and there are always meat and veggie options at all meals. We do source as much of the food we serve locally from our farm and other local farms, so some vegan and gluten free options may require an additional fee as those foods are not produced locally. Let us know your needs and we will make a plan!

    I’m flying in for the retreat, do you offer airport pickup?

    Airport transport can be arranged for an additional fee. There are only a few flights into and out of the California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport (ACV) each day, so it is very likely that all of the retreat participants will be on the same flights and we will be able to coordinate picking everyone up at the same time to keep the cost low, hopefully around $100 for the round trip. It is about a 75 minute drive to the farm from the airport.



    Sol Spirit’s Cannamom retreat was exactly what I needed to re-energize going into the chaotic Fall season of all things mom and running a demanding business. Beyond the first-class accommodations, amazing locally sourced meals, and stunning scenery of misty mountains and star-filled skies- the women I connected with there and the stories we shared will travel with me for many seasons to come. I am so grateful to Walter and Judi for providing a space where women can come together and inspire each other, then take that magical energy back home to their families and communities.

    The Cannamom Retreat September 2023


    The tents were so comfy and beautiful. Bathrooms were super clean and worked great. The food was super great! Yummy variety and beautiful presentation! The Retreat was the perfect amount of activity and chill time, so glad I came!

    The Cannamom Retreat September 2023

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