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  • We are closed for the season and will reopen June 7. Currently booking group retreats for 2024!
  • We are closed for the season and will reopen June 7. Currently booking group retreats for 2024!

Emerald Triangle Revealed Tour

emerald triangle tours cannabis

We are excited to have you join us on an epic cannabis vacation as we tour the infamous Emerald Triangle of Northern California!
Below are the accommodation options available for your Emerald Triangle Revealed Tour:

Join us on the cannabis adventure of a lifetime, as we tour the infamous Emerald Triangle of Northern California.

This single occupancy option is for one person in their own hotel room & glamping tent.  If you want to share your accommodations with a traveling partner, please choose the double occupancy option.


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emerald triangle cannabis vacation

Double Occupancy

Traveling with a buddy? We offer double occupancy accommodations! Share the memory of the Emerald Triangle Revealed Tour with a friend for a little less than the  Single Occupancy rate.

This price is for one person, sharing their hotel/ glamping tent with a traveling companion.  Please register each person individually.



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    Farm to Table Meals

    Our property includes various greenhouses and beds dotted across the landscape- bringing the farm-to-table concept to life.

    We take pride in crafting meals that embody the essence of regenerative and organic practices. Each dish is a celebration of sustainability, drawing directly from the rich bounty of our farm. Taste the difference in our cuisine – not only is it good for the earth, but it’s also nourishing for you!

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    Various Excursions

    Embark on an unforgettable journey at our cannabis farm with a guided tour, offering insights into sustainable cultivation practices. Explore acres of scenic trails at your own pace, experience the thrill of river rafting, and delight in the charming antics of our chickens and ducks. Engage in cannabis-infused yoga, participate in a hands-on culinary workshop, and unwind with a sunset sip and smoke session. Each excursion is crafted to blend nature, adventure, and relaxation, ensuring a unique and enriching experience for all.

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    Ganjier-Led Tastings

    Indulge in the unique and joyful experience of our Ganjier-led tasting session—a sensory journey into the world of sun-grown cannabis. Led by our knowledgeable guide, you’ll explore the diverse terpene profiles and flavors of our premium strains. Immerse yourself in the art of appreciating cannabis as you learn about the cultivation process, aromas, and effects. This tasting, set against the backdrop of our picturesque farm, promises not only an educational experience but also a delightful celebration of the nuanced flavors that make each strain distinct.

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